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Toca Life World: Get to Know the Harvest Festival

Just like most games, Toca Life World PC comes with frequent game updates from developers. These updates are dropped regularly to ensure that the game is working properly with no bugs and other issues. However, there are times when the game unleashes a huge content update, especially during events. With that said, this fun game is currently celebrating the Harvest Festival. This means that a huge update was recently made in the game.


Toca Life World Misty Cottage


Here are the latest game updates of Toca Life World:

Toca Life World Version 1.26.1

Version 1.26.1 was updated on October 15, 2020. In this update, you’ll get to enjoy a new feature in Home Designer. In this feature, you can now design walls and floors with colors, wallpapers, and patterns. Therefore, you can now use wallpapers with clouds, have brick walls on your house, have wooden floors, and more. You can also create a Misty Cottage in Home Designer. The cottage features a small garden complete with a wide selection of furniture and decorations. The Misty Cottage pack is purchasable in the shop.

Version 1.25

This update opens the game’s Harvest Festival. In this update, players must go to the Morning Meadows to prepare for the festivity. Apart from that, they can also challenge a friend to a pumpkin growing contest and make the weirdest juice ever with the juice machine. Moreover, the Harvest Festival one-location playset will soon be available in the in-game shop. Besides that, a new vacation pool house pack for Home Designer is now available for purchase in the Shop.

As expected, Toca Life World is currently on an event spree that will probably last until next year. This event spree is normal, especially when we are nearing the holiday seasons. Therefore, if you download and install the game today, you will have the chance to participate in the current events celebrated in the game. Not to mention, the opportunity to experience the game’s latest updates like the new cottage pack, customization items, and much more!

With that said, click on the “Play for Free” button on your screen and enjoy hours of fun gameplay only Toca Life World can offer or you can download the game on your PC. Explore a new way to tell your story in Toca Life World today!