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Toca Life World: Tips & Secrets You Should About the Game

Toca Life World PC is a vast digital world filled with a plethora of secrets waiting for you to discover. But before we dive right into the various secrets of the game, you might want to check out these tips for you to play the game smoothly.

Tip 1: Check for Concealed Buttons or Switches

Switches or buttons are two of the commonly used elements in Toca Life World PC. Finding and activating these buttons will trigger an in-game event or open a secret room. With that said, it is important to perform a thorough search for a specific room when exploring. Making exploration a regular part of your playthrough will up your chances of discovering something cool in the game.


Toca Life World Pet


Tip 2: A Clean Pet is a Great Pet

You can choose from hundreds of pets in Toca Life World PC. Just like in real life, pets in this game mostly like to play in the mud. If this happens, all you need to do is dip your dirty pet in water. You can also get a sponge to wipe off the dirt from your loyal companion.

Tip 3: Become a Gross Master Chef

Toca Life World PC also features a diverse collection of restaurants for you to explore. The best part about these restaurants is that you can create your own signature meal in the game. As interesting as that may sound, not all restaurants come with high-end menus and fresh ingredients. One example of these types of restaurants is the Pet Shop that will allow you to combine various pet foods. In other words, you can test your food combinations on pets first before trying it out on your pet.

Learn the Secrets of Toca Life World

As mentioned before, Toca Life World comes with a lot of secrets waiting to be discovered. If you are going to hunt for secrets, you can find a few of them in the locations below:

  • Clicking on the bushes on the little hill will reveal a hiding spot for items.
  • Finding and clicking on the weird tree branch in the park will reveal eggs.
  • There is a button hidden under the radio in the park. Press the button for a fun surprise.
  • The Sun inside the Pet hotel is a light.
  • You can scoop up and bag your dog’s poop.

Now that you have an overview of the game’s tips and secrets, feel free to apply them every time you play the game on your PC.