About Toca Life World

Toca Life World is the twelfth installment in the Toca Life series. The game comes from the multi-awarded Swedish video game developer called Toca Boca. If you are not familiar with the franchise, the Toca Life series falls under the Digital Toy category. This category follows a free-form playable scenario. Although Digital Toys closely resemble the structure and elements of virtual games, Toca Roca begs to differ. This is because they are open-ended games with fewer rules compared to virtual games or video games.


Toca Life World Game


Since its inception, Toca Life World has become an instant favorite of the Toca Life community. In just two years after its release in November 2018, the game has managed to accumulate millions of downloads. It even earned high positive ratings from users and critics. Today, this game is still one of the most downloaded educational pretend-play storytelling apps in the free-to-play market. Hence, if you are a storyteller who needs help visualizing stories or a parent looking for a fun educational app or game that you can let your child play on PC, feel free to check out Toca Life World PC today. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the unlimited possibilities that this game has to offer.